Faction: 9b771d24dfea5141e8d380194936af9bSpectre
Expansion: Darkness

Level 3: -1 Opp. Power, Min. 5

Level 4: -1 Opp. Power, Min. 5

Level 5: -2 Opp. Power, Min. 5


Level 3: Defeat -2 Lifer per Turn, Min. 12(Poison)

Level 4: Defeat -2 Lifer per Turn, Min. 11(Poison)

Level 5: Defeat -2 Lifer per Turn, Min. 9(Poison)

Rarity: Epic
Released: May, 10, 2013
Artist: LaimhaD.C.
Stars: 5
Stats Level 3: 5/5
Stats Level 4: 6/5
Stats Level 5: 7/6


Monologue of a demented Sylth

"... why did I let it come to me? Perhaps the memory of my sweet Ligéa still weighed heavy. She left an emptiness in me that this creature filled. She looks at me with… their faces, my lovers, reunited. They are there. They stare at me and condemn me. My soul runs through my fingers like life-giving water. She’s so beautiful. I am going to dissolve in her sweet essence. Why fight it? Forget and slide… always deeper still into the abyss…"


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit




Card ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Tishacard1

LV 4. Tishacard2

LV 5. Tisha LV5

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Tisha Full3

LV 4. Tisha Full4

LV 5. Tisha Full5


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