Foundations: Hidden in the innermost depths of the dark palaces, the lords of death rip their accursed and deformed armies from their tombs. Accompanied by the freed demon, Bulza, and swathed in the foul-smelling essence of the Raven, they ravage the land of the living in a voracious quest for power.

Warlords: As an eminent member of the Council of the Spectre, Friedrich Altgraf ravages the land of the living followed by his skeleton army led by the disturbing Fridlia. He feasts with relish upon the souls of his victims, while sometimes allowing the most corrupt among them to come back to life… to do his bidding of course.

Darkness: The exploits of Tobias have currently secured him influential power in the Council of the Spectre, as well as renewed trust from the Great Duke Friedrich. But his ambition knows no boundaries: thanks to the abasement of Tisha, a psychic of terrifying powers and the most devious among the Psonn, he has now set his sights on the highest realms of magic, even if that means swallowing up his own Faction in the process.

Release dateEdit

The Spectre were one of the first Fractions, They were released with Fantasy Rivals on November, 21st, 2012.

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Sortable Table:

Name Rarity


Alisa Start-Up Foundations
Baldur Gerhold Rare Warlords
Beagio Start-Up Foundations
Bernd Uncommon Foundations
Suck Common Foundations
Bulza Epic Warlords
Dementia Uncommon Warlords
Enevia Rare Foundations
Erk Common Warlords
Fester Uncommon Foundations
Fridlia Epic Foundation
Friedrich Altgraf Epic Warlords
Gakere Rare Darkness
Gzad-Belehen Uncommon Warlords
Hund Uncommon Darkness
Kuffer Common Darkness
Ludolf Common Warlords
Marcus von Helfart Common Darkness
Moloss Common Foundation
Ochar Rare Foundations
[[Osken] Uncommon Warlords
Osnorth Rare Warlords
Ripperd Rare Darkness
Sasz Common Warlords
Tisha Epic Darkness
Zerepth Common Foundations






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