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Faction: Draken

Level 3: None

Level 4: None

Level 5:  Confidence stop opponent bonus


Level 3:  Victory: -1 Opp. Mana, Min, 1

Level 4:  Victory: -2 Opp. Mana, Min, 1

Level 5:  Victory: -2 Opp. Mana, Min, 1

Rarity: Rare
Released: August, 3rd, 2012
Artist: EBoccard
Stars: 5
Stats Level 3: 6/4
Stats Level 4: 6/5
Stats Level 5:

7/6(Gains Ability)

Aradonas, Imperial chronicler attached to the Marauders.

... remains a memorable event in the extraordinary journey of this remarkable man who calls himself the Duke of Galde. Surrounded by one hundred of the Pack’s slobbering brutes, he managed, accompanied by just a handful of men, to extract himself from Shipwreck Creek, leaving a trail of blood in his midst. During this epic battle, the Chief of the Marauders had to confront he who now goes by the name of Shkur Iron Hand, a giant of legendary strength who harbors an intense hatred for the Duke ever since losing his arm to him, and who now pursues him with the Men of the Claw in order to assuage his thirst for vengeance!


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit




Card ArtworkEdit

LV 3.


LV 4.

LV 5.

Example==Full Artwork== LV 3.  LV 4.

LV 5.




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