Foundations: Servants of the Serpent and shadows among shadows, they sow seeds of chaos in the hearts of men. Like the masked assassin, Romolo, they can just as easily worm their way into the alcoves of power as into the most foul-smelling taverns, and all with one aim in mind: to bring the world to its knees, consumed by its own folly.

Warlords: Greediest of the greedy and most cunning of the cunning, Merweiss Debertolis has built his empire of crime with his ruthless killing machines. And now all powerful in Rhynn's criminal underworld, he uses Thurayah and his assassins to sow death among his enemies.

Darkness: The Suburbs of Westwood have become the territory of Thara Cavalletto. Heiress to the Great Watchmaker, Meli, Thara can perform any contract even if it requires her sending in her golem-gunner, [T-9x Sylvester], to take down an inconvenient stronghold or a cumbersome fortress. Kai Jaidev, her associate and lord of the Rat-Men, will lead the raids with ultimate efficiency using his devious subjects.

Release dateEdit

The Shadow were one of the first Fractions, They were released with Fantasy Rivals on November, 21st, 2012.

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Sortable Table:

Name Rarity Expansion
Adriel Common Warlords
Anoda Uncommon Foundations
Arduino Rare Warlords
Bomstelo Common Foundations
Charam Uncommon Darkness
Ebaleste Start-Up Foundations
Fyllia Start-Up Foundations
Gongho Uncommon Foundations
Jeenea Common Warlords
Jyvan Common Darknesss
Kunh'Am Rare Foundation
Lear Uncommon Warlords
M2 Sansot Uncommon Warlords
Medo'Enk Rare Foundations
Merweiss Debertolis Epic Warlords
Mx6 Girard Common Warlords
Neok Common Foundations
Romolo Epic Foundations
Sarnek Rare Warlords
T-9x Sylvester Epic Darkness
[[Tahar] Uncommon Warlords
Thara Cavalletto Rare Darkness
Th-C3 Salem Uncommon Darkness
Thurayah Epic Warlords
Vanilla Common Foundations






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