Oegan card level 3
Oegan Artwork
Faction: Alliance

Level 3: +1 life

Level 4: +1 life

Level 5: +2 life


Level 3: +1 life

Level 4: +2 life

Level 5: +3 life

Rarity: Epic
Released: November, 21st, 2012
Stars: 5
Stats Level 3: 8/1
Stats Level 4: 8/2
Stats Level 5: 9/3


Codex Inquisitorus The godless one has a tendency to wear an animal mask, usually a feline one. Thus haloed in impure magic, she slips among our men and sows the seeds of creeping death. May the Holy Flame guide us. Let us, through prayer and steel, inspire in this little savage the same terror that seems to overtake her when confronted with the legions of the Spectre.


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit


Once you go black, you can go back. So enemies cannot retreat

Does not need camouflage at night



Gets very frustrated when receiving orders that she considers "sassy"

Gets distracted by chocolate

Cannot do the tango


Card ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Oegan card level 3

LV 4.

LV 5.

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Oegan full level 3

LV 4.

LV 5.


Useful linksEdit

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