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Name: Octavius

Faction: Empire

Stars: 1 - 3

Rarity: Startup

Extension: Foundations

About the cardEdit

Octavius is one of the two starter cards. 

With his three stars, he does not consume too much space in a deck, but isn´t a relief either.

Despite him being incredibly common, he is in fact often useful. Both his skill and bonus are -1 dmg min 2. Whilst this is not spectacular in terms of deflecting damage it can be still useful when he is played in the last round with no mana left. His solid power and damage also make him a solid character to attacking being able to hit up to 5 damage with fury. 

The combination of slight damage reduction and solid power, make him a good choice for both bluffing and dishing out damage.

Unfortunatly he has no means to prevent any effects like life drain, healing ect to the effect that his damage reduction can often be ignored. to which extent he is affected by SOA and SOB is discussable, seeing as any card with either of them would affect him but it would take a card with both, to completly disarm his damage reduction.

About the characterEdit

Octavius is the brother of Melay a smuggler of the Shadow and a part of the Guard of Adent.

He is however dissapointed in the Guard, blaming favoritism for his unability to succed further amongst the ranks. 

He despises his Superior Pelearh, who, as he believes, is only above him in Rank because of said favorism and waits for a chance to overthrow him.

Pelearh describes Octavius as a good and modest soldier, reccomending his promotion.

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