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Name: Meletios

Faction: Empire

Stars: 1 - 2

Rarity: common

Extension: Warlords

About the cardEdit

Meletios sports only two stars, allowing players to add more higher level cards to their decks.

Her power, while not too bad, limps behind many more Mana efficient cards. The 3 damage points represent the somewhat average, while not being too dangerous they aren´t comfortable to sit trough either.

Her skill is activated when defending and deactivates the enemy ability, while her bonus adds 2 life points upon victory.

While her SOA only grants her an significant advantage over some of the more skill reliant enemies, the possible life difference of 5 upon winning is impressive for a 2 star card, especially considering that her combination of damage and life plus can only really be blocked with both a SOB and a damage reduction - one of which will be deactivated if she is defending.

About the characterEdit

Meletios belongs to the Empire and has gotten the reputation of a boogeyman amongst the orks.

Apparently she also tortures and mutilates orks, it is however unclear for which purpose.

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