Karadaan card level 1
Karadaan Artwork
Faction: Abyss

Level 1: None

Level 2: None

Level 3: Attacker: -2 Opp. Power, Min. 4


Level 1: Defender : Stop Opp. Ability

Level 2: Defender : Stop Opp. Ability

Level 3: Defender : Stop Opp. Ability

Rarity: Common
Released: November, 21st, 2012
Artist: AChaudret
Stars: 3
Stats Level 1: 4/1
Stats Level 2: 5/1
Stats Level 3: 6/4


Lo'An, the town crier. “Citizens of Rilyeh, bow down before Great Karadaan the Iridescent, on return from the surface and crowned with the regent title of our new dominion, the city of Siorth. Praise her power and may the wrath of her ancestral magic rain down like a storm on all non-believers!”


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit




Card ArtworkEdit

LV 1. Karadaan card level 1

LV 2.

LV 3.

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 1. Karadaan full level 1

LV 2.

LV 3.


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