Gaano card level 1
Gaano Artwork
Faction: Abyss

Level 1: None

Level 2: None

Level 3: Poison 1, Min. 2


Level 1: Revenge : -5 Opponent Attack

Level 2: Revenge : -8 Opponent Attack

Level 3: Revenge : -8 Opponent Attack

Rarity: Common
Released: November, 21st, 2012
Artist: VanOxymore
Stars: 3
Stats Level 1: 5/1
Stats Level 2: 6/2
Stats Level 3: 7/2


Journal of Erwaan. “Blood streaming from the other officer cadets during the entrance test. The dungeon. The torture. Blood streaming from the torturers. Blood streaming from the knights of the Abyss ordered to pursue him. Gaano is not just a soldier, he is THE soldier. May he live long enough that we may make an admiral of him.”


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit


Wins every halloween costume contest

Likes to accesorise

Nice legs


His sword can poke an eye out

Excessive use of pink gems

The society for bird rights has filed a complain about his mask


Card ArtworkEdit

LV 1. Gaano card level 1

LV 2.

LV 3.

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 1. Gaano full level 1

LV 2.

LV 3.


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