Fleern card level 3
Fleern Artwork
Faction: Abyss

Level 3: None

Level 4: None

Level 5: Victory: -2 Opp                Life per Turn, Min 2 (Poison)


Level 3: Confidence: -4 Opp. Att., Min. 6

Level 4: Confidence: -7 Opp Attack, Min 6

Level 5: Confidence: - 10  Opp Attack, Min 6

Rarity: Rare
Released: November, 21st, 2012
Stars: 5
Stats Level 3: 6/2
Stats Level 4: 6/3
Stats Level 5: 7/3


Memoirs from the recluse of Covendeirp “…this abomination with its glazed look had the torso of a man perched on the shell of a giant ten-footed crustacean. Hidden among the seaweed tossed up on the banks, I had the sorry privilege to watch it do its rounds and exterminate a group a fishermen who had been unwilling to bend to the authority of the lords of the depths...”


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit




Card ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Fleern card level 3

LV 4.

LV 5.

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Fleern full level 3

LV 4.

LV 5.


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