Elea card level 1
Elea Artwork
Faction: Alliance

Level 1: None

Level 2: None


Level 1: Attacker: +1 Power

Level 2: Attacker: +2 Power

Rarity: Common
Released: November, 21st, 2012
Stars: 2
Stats Level 1: 6/1
Stats Level 2: 8/1


Aral, solider of the Black Hand - Shadow. Advice to new troops confronting the Alliance. ... finally do not overlook that the Alliance is above all a collection of individuals, all different from one another. Adapt your techniques accordingly. Of particular note among them is a young Amazonian who wears an eagle's mask. You’ll rarely catch a glimpse of her as she uses techniques very similar to our own. She is discreet, furtive, a real feline armed with a bow. She’ll almost certainly hit you but will be content to simply injure you. She would never kill you. However, I assure you her victims are not in any way fortunate, as I would not wish it upon anyone to end up in the clutches of the Alliance.


None at the moment.

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Card Artwork

LV 1. Elea card level 1

LV 2. Elealevel2

Full Artwork

LV 1. Elea full level 1

LV 2. Eleafull2


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