Foundations: Savage, strong, undisciplined and aggressive are the words that best describe the Draken of the mountains, sons of the Dragon. Surging forth on the heels of their champion, Olfen Dur, they are the magma that consumes the fields and farms, leaving in its wake rivers of burning blood.

Warlords: Leading the noisy and undisciplined barbarians, Ashka the bloodthirsty mounts raids into the heart of the Empire. Among her soldiers, one can discern the imposing figure of Tokal, the Mahamoth, who alone can tip the scales of any battle in his favor.

Darkness: Following the theft of the Lava Eggs, the Runic Giants led by the most powerful among them, Kurrulas Kanor, left the Temple of the Peak of Cinders to retrieve the relics. Meanwhile, Rurk, chief of the Cerberus, cannot contain his fury. Unable to protect the Great Temple from the desecration of the Rat-Men, he is determined to cleanse the honor of his tribe in rodent blood.

Release dateEdit

The Draken were one of the first fractions, They were released with Fantasy Rivals on November, 21st, 2012.

Advantages & DisadvantagesEdit


High attack and defence. Most cards simply smash through to claim victory.

Some strategic ability with cards who's abilities activate on defeat.


Relies a lot on raw damage and power, making them vulnerable to stat reduction



Sortable Table:

Name Rarity Expansion
Alruk Uncommon Foundations
Ar Jek Rare Warlords
Ashka Epic Warlords
Brodz Uncommon Warlords
Bakur Common Foundations
Deza Common Warlords
Eeok Start-Up Foundations
Feleshen Common Warlords
Gerreba Uncommon Darkness
Goloshk Start-Up Foundations
Grom Common Foundations
Gruzk Rare Foundations
Karls Common Warlords
Kjolt Rare Iceborne
Kragnar Uncommon Foundations
Kurrulas Kanor Epic Darkness
Loshen Common Foundations
Oan Dur Uncommon Warlords
Olfen Dur Epic Foundations
Scrofa Uncommon Darkness
Shkur Rare Foundations
Stogh Uncommon Warlords
Targon Rare Warlords
Teras Rare Darkness
Togrok Common Darkness
Tokal Epic Warlords






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