Bernd card level 4
Bernd Artwork
Faction: Spectre
Rarity: Uncommon
Extension Foundations
Released: July 6, 2012
Artist: CLescouarnec
Stars: 4
Stats Level 2: 5/4
Stats Level 3: 5/5
Stats Level 4: 6/6 (Gains Ability)

Level 2: None

Level 3: None

Level 4: Defeat: -3 Opp. Life, Min. 4


Level 2: Revenge:Stop Opponent Bonus

Level 3: Revenge:Stop Opponent Bonus

Level 4: Revenge:Stop Opponent Bonus


Observations from Marus Lion, Free Marcher, Comrade Builder. “…three skeletons in rusty armor, accompanied by their sergeant. They followed me along the wadi of the Three Flames, cornering me in a dip in the landscape. The sergeant, who was better equipped than his men, approached me and stared out at me from his empty eye-sockets…before turning on his heels. It was then that I recognized the two-headed eagle on his cape. So Bernd de Tirias was dead but a little of his loyalty lived on in this cadaver deprived of all rest.”

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit


No need to feed him

Fits in the closet. And he likes it.

Excellent to use in scare pranks


Very noisy whe walking on hard surfaces

Dogs seem to be attracted to him. Better keep him inside

The smell.


Card ArtworkEdit

LV 2. Bernd card level 2 LV 3. Bernd card level 3

LV 4. Bernd card level 4

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 2. Bernd full level 2 LV 3. Bernd full level 3

LV 4. Bernd full level 4


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