Ar Jek Artwork
Faction: DrakenLogoDraken
Rarity: Rare
Extension Warlords
Released: October 12, 2012
Artist: Tregis
Stars: 5
Stats Level 3: 4/4 (Gains Bonus)
Stats Level 4: 5/5
Stats Level 5: 6/7 (Gains Ability)

Level 3: None

Level 4: None

Level 5: Revenge: Stop Opponent Bonus


Level 3: DrakenLogo: -2 Opp. Power, Min. 5

Level 4: DrakenLogo: -3 Opp. Power, Min. 5

Level 5: DrakenLogo: -4 Opp. Power, Min. 5


Final memories of the Bestia Pavo Spectre, deceased Empire Marauder. ...lost the fifth troop and there were still two days left of marching before reaching the Merula outpost. They leapt up from the Five Peaks Fault, where Quintus Octo had put-down the Cyclop resistance ten years before. The benefits of the terrain made up for their small numbers… And it was there that this obscenity threw itself upon him. The green-skins are aberrations but that beast had an ice-cold stare. It is nothing more than an animal trained to use weapons, a savage beast that the pack cannot control. I just had time to sink my two-edged sword into its leg before it…crushed…my skull… Oh…at the hands of the Phoenix, am I therefore dead?

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Card ArtworkEdit

LV 3. ArJek3starCard

LV 4. ArJek4starCard

LV 5. ArJek5starCard

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 3. ArJek3starFull

LV 4. ArJek4starFull

LV 5. ArJek5starFull


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