Akem Card level 3
Akem Artwork
Faction: Alliance

Level 3: None

Level 4: None

Level 5: Attacker: Victory: +3 Life


Level 3: +1 Power

Level 4: +2 Power

Level 5: +3 Power

Rarity: Rare
Released: November, 21st, 2012
Artist: SDecaux
Stars: 5
Stats Level 3: 6/2
Stats Level 4: 7/2
Stats Level 5: 7/3


Codex Imperium “…and emerging from the undergrowth like starving beasts, these men, who we previously thought were unable to speak, flung themselves upon the enemy, shrieking like wild animals. Naked or clothed in the armor of good fortune, they compensate for their lack of skill with unnerving savagery and agility. In the eyes of the Holy Flame, it now seems certain that these beings are bereft of all soul and good conscience, and must therefore be treated like animals.”


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the cardEdit




Card ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Akem Card level 3 LV 4. Akemlevel4

LV 5. Akemlevel5

Full ArtworkEdit

LV 3. Akem full level 3

LV 4. Akemfull4

LV 5. Akemfull5


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